Flashback… This all began in 1993 when a dear friend was facing a challenging life crisis and was in dire need of some words of encouragement. What initially began as little sticky notes left on his kitchen cabinets sparked the design and distribution of thousands of inspired, handmade mini scripture cards around the world.

Fast forward…

Overcome by an overwhelmingly positive response to the signature mini cards, I decided to launch Doing Good Co.  Our goal is to address the deep need we all have for high touch in this high-tech world. Our range of uniquely crafted gifts are designed to be excellent tools of encouragement.

We know that words last and carry power to build and strengthen.  That’s why we provide our signature mini cards with every purchase.  These are meant to be shared with everyone you meet.  After all, what is the point of encouragement if it is not shared?   It’s our hope that the cards you pass on will have a lasting and positive impact.   So be sure to give them away! 

All our products have been thoughtfully crafted with care for one soul purpose – to glorify the Master Encourager, Jesus!

Future Focus…

Doing Good Co. will continue to look for ways to encourage and inspire others.  We’ll look for ways to develop new and unique products.  Our desire is to make it easy to sow encouragement in the world which will reap a true harvest.