Lemon Pound Cake


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We’ve captured the essence of your Mom’s kitchen in our Lemon Pound Cake candle. That mouth-watering, fresh, out of the oven smell will take you back to your carefree summer days! Zesty notes of lemon mixed with the delicious aroma of warm butter deepened with sugary vanilla, will fill your home with comfort and love.

Scent Notes:
Top: Lemon, Lemon Peel
Middle: Butter
Base: Cake, Vanilla, Sugar

Our American made candles have been small-batch crafted for quality control using:

• all-natural, renewable, biodegradable, long-lasting soy wax
• Hand-poured in Sandy Springs, GA
• Classic presentation in mason jars with modern + minimalistic labels
• Fragrances are derived from natural sources
• No additives, dyes or phthalates
• 4oz, burn time 28+ hours

To get the best burn out of your candle:
• Prior to lighting, trim the wick to ¼” to avoid any soot
• Limit burn time to 4 hours
• Never leave a lit candle unattended

1 review for Lemon Pound Cake

  1. Cindy Oates (verified owner)

    Be careful if you order this candle. It will make you want to eat lemon pound cake in the worst way! Lol I will not buy a candle unless it’s 100% soy wax because of my cat’s delicate respiratory system. This one fits the bill! It’s heavenly ya’ll!

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