At Doing Good Co., our mission is simple:  We’re here to encourage others!  

With words of encouragement beautifully scribed on all our gifts, we are intentional about doing good for one person at a time so they can share that encouragement with others.

The mission of “doing good” is originally found in Acts 10:38 where it says “Jesus went about doing good”. Our goal is to do the same and we’ve built a company that looks for ways to do good for others.  Jesus took interest in each person’s well-being.  To Jesus the one mattered.  That’s our focus too – to bring good, on purpose, to a world that thirsts for true love, hope and acceptance. 

We are dedicated to creating thoughtfully crafted products that encourage and inspire.   We believe in wowing our customers and creating an unforgettable experience when you engage with us.  We are a company that believes in leading with excellence in everything we do.  From creating new product offerings to interacting with our amazing customers to over-delivering on everything we do, we’re here for you. 

Please let us know how we can serve you!