Core Values Matter.

At Doing Good Co. our Core Values matter. They keep us on the right path as a company so that we are always getting better at doing good.


Frankly, we can’t get enough of it.  Encouragement is what started this journey and it’s what keeps us going.  Our desire to encourage others to be the best they can be and live their best life is the DNA of the Doing Good Co.


We believe exceptional customer service is essential.  So every day, at Doing Good we strive for excellence.  We do not tolerate mediocrity or complacency.  OK is not OK.  Excellent customer service is our true north.


We want you to enjoy your experience from beginning to end.  We want you to be surprised by our attention to detail and be delighted by our quality. Each person’s experience means so much, so we strive to provide beautifully crafted gifts that bring joy wherever they land.