Hi, I’m Sydney

Thank you for wanting to know about who I am!   

I’m a born encourager and never satisfied until everyone around me is happy too.  I look for creative ways to bring cheer and inspiration to those I meet.    Doing Good Co. is a natural expression of what I love to do – uplift others.

Here’s the back story…

It all began in 1991, in the state of Massachusetts, my heart was opened to receive God’s truth.  The words of John 14:6,  flooded my life with love and a peace I’d never known before.  Next thing I knew, I packed up and was on my way to Bible school in Florida.  I landed in Southern California for my last year of school and from there I launched out to the mission fields of Thailand & India.    

I went from the ease of my western world amenities to washing my hair in a stream (at the same time that the chicken was being cleaned for dinner), sleeping on a mat, and taking more bucket baths than I can count.  It was an amazing time of seeing God move and being a part of something incredible.  

After returning from overseas, I had the opportunity to take part in a few church plants in Montana and California. I ended up in Georgia, where I bought my first house, landed my dream job, and took up the sport of cycling. Then I met the love of my life and got married to my husband.  We not only met biking, but married on a bike, and celebrated our honeymoon by embarking on a long-range trip…600 miles of cycling to be exact. I am also a stepmom to four fantastic young men and have a delicious yellow lab, Penny, who has the cutest scrunch nose.

The here and now…

Throughout the years, I have had one unwavering purpose – to find ways of encouraging others. This is truly my passion and the driving force of my life.  

With Doing Good Co., I make it my business to build others up, which is why I am so thrilled you stopped by!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to become a part of your journey.  You are the purpose behind the development of Doing Good Co.!   We’re here to provide you with quality and inspiring products that help encourage you and those around you.

Please drop us a line if there’s anything we can do for you or if you have questions.  We’re here for YOU!  


Fun facts and tidbits…

  • I cycle 70 miles a week
  • I love 70’s music but am a terrible dancer
  • I make up for my weak dance moves with my natural wit
  • I have been hang gliding, sky diving, and zip lining
  • I have climbed Mt. Sinai on camelback (and made it down on foot)